martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

Sharon Spitz, Maria Wong & Connor MacKenzie

ESPAÑOL: Sharon y sus compañeros durante la clase de natación. Y bueno, a ella no le salen bien las cosas.
Capturas de la serie Dientes de Lata. Episodio "La más genial".

ENGLISH: Sharon and her classmates in swimming class. And well... she fails. Screencaps from the show Braceface. Episode "The coolest".

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  1. ooh baby your swimsuit so pretty and he swimshort so handsome i hope you making them into commissions like flattened, accordion, blueberry, taffy, basketball and pizza at deviantart like not-the-new-account and mer-boy i love it better...but first make penny proud wearing swimsuits from the proud family make all episodes for looks for penny swimsuit try big screencaps better ok